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How Do I Find The Right Card Case for My Smartphone

How Do I Find The Right Card Case for My Smartphone

Like anything else we buy these days Card Cases for our smartphones are plentiful. We can be drowned in options, features, materials and price.

Making a decision on which one suits your needs and budget can be overwhelming. In this post we will try to make it easier for you by highlighting some of the options available.

Decide what type of card case you need.


Where do you carry your phone? We all have different ways to organise our wallets and smartphone. Some simply slip them into their pockets, other have a bag or a purse. How you carry your phone will determine which type of wallet case you buy.

The Simple Card Case. If you carry your phone in your pocket you will want a simple  Slider Card Casecard case. These card cases carry 1 or 2 cards, ID and some notes. They are less bulky than some of the full featured wallet cases on the market. The wallet case on the right is called a slider case and carries just one or two cards. It is very compact and perfect for anyone who wants a simple card case to protect your phone and easily fit into your pocket. If you want to read more about this phone you can see it in our shop by clicking Defender Card-Slider Case










Full Featured Wallet Case. Out the other end of the scale we have the full featured card case. With this option you can carry everything you would normally carry in your wallet or purse. The down side to these card cases is, of course the size when they are loaded with all your cards, money and ID. Unless you have large pockets it is not very practical to slip these in your pocket. These are better if you want to carry your phone in your bag or purse. You can look at this Galaxy card case on our shop by clicking here Leather Wallet Flip Card Case



 Of course there are plenty of card cases between the minimal and the full featured wallet cases. We have a full range in our shop for you to browse.



 Wallet Case Options are Available?

  1. RFID Technique Protection Personally I have never worried about this feature but some of you might be worried about your card details be stolen. This technology prevents your card from being scanned and details being stolen by scammers. Some manufactures offer this option.

  2. Removal Card Case. This option is handy when you are speaking on the phone and want to remove the bulky wallet case. It also works the other way when you want to use the wallet separately.

  3. Make-up Mirror. This option is handy for people who need to touch up their make-up or just check their face on the run. It is not exclusive to Card Cases but some manufactures offer wallet cases with this option.

  4. Magnetic Flip Case Like standard smartphone cases, card cases also have magnetic flip covers. These are much easier than having to deal with clips.

  5. ID Window Designed to show your ID without removing it from your card case, this a convenient feature. The reason we look at a card case is to make life easier. This is definitely one feature you should consider.

  6. Phone Stand. Again this is not exclusive to wallet cases but it is another feature to make life easier. Especially if you watch videos often.

  7. Smartphone Protection. This is the basic function of a Smartphone cover. Phone have become very expensive to buy and one small accident can damage it. We all know how expensive it is to replace cracked screens.

These are the main features I would consider, of course there are plenty more options. 

Final Word - Card Cases

When you bought your new phone you would have researched the best options to suit your needs. Selecting the right card cases for your needs can make the difference in your experience. Do your homework and your new wallet case will enhance your experience and make your everyday life much easier.

If you have any questions or need help in selecting your wallet case you can contact us. We are happy to give you advice and even source the card case you are looking for. You can use the contact page on our website by clicking Contact Us. Or you can message us using the messenger button on the bottom right of the page.

You can also contact me direct via email at

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